Saturday, February 19, 2005


Laid off now since December 3. Last day of work was November 17th and I was urged to set up a blog to chronicle my job search. I’ve finally entered the hive mind.

Job Seekers group discussed Gates of Central Park. Nobody minded. Facilitator had been to see it this week. Gates seem to have a very broad appeal, and after seeing Christo and Jean Claude, I can understand it better. I like the color and movement in the wind.

The Job Seekers group is pressing me to call people more for encouragement when I get stuck. If you call the wrong person, you'll end up feeling worse. Somebody will say "My unemployment ran out and I'm living with someone who doesn't wash" or "Have you prayed about it?" or "Oooooo a job search is the WORST thing" or "I wish I could help you" or there will be a silence like they're trying to think of a way to hang up. That's the risk. Make a call, feel like a fool. Don't make a call, suffer longer. Make a call, maybe get some attitude adjustment. That’s all for now. I have much job hunt work to do.

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