Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No Matter Where I Go, There I Am

The author Meg Ostrom entertained me with her recent history The Surgeon and the Shepherd telling of resistance work in the Pyrenees during WWII. Classical music played softly. I could have been job hunting, but I wasn’t. I was sitting very quietly reading very quietly with beautiful music somewhere in the distance, and I was full of sweet, simple peace. It was like holding a diamond. There was my life in a gemstone. Blissful. Rapt. Sparkling.

The shades were open still, even though it had been dark for a half-hour. The the black glass stared at me saying I’m Watching You. Forget the light. The lidless Eye of persecution never blinks. I am Scrutiny. I am the remorseless press of guilt and the relentless stare of blame. Then the pain crushed the stone to powder.

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