Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Part of a Particular Myth

Christians are people who believe an elaborate mythology. They have found a way to explain the unexplainable. Those explanations are a part of every aspect of their lives.

Some of the mythology goes like this:

The Explanation For Suffering

Jesus was sent to earth as a full and perfect atonement for the rejection of God by all. His death made it possible for anyone to know God who seeks him. Because of that one, sufficient and perfect sacrifice—that one example of innocent suffering--no rejection of God can make an individual unacceptable to God, if the individual seeks acceptance.

Since Jesus’ death and resurrection, his living person lives in All Baptised People, aka The Church. Therefore, the sacrifice and suffering of all faithful people helps to redeem the entire world from separation from God. My innocent suffering as part of the living Christ makes it possible for someone else to get close to God. And that’s the way it is for the faithful.

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