Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Woman of Sad Mornings

Once there was a woman who ate oatmeal for breakfast with raisins, but it upset her stomach and made her bowels stop. Still, she knew it was good for her so she broke the fast of the night this way for a long time.

Her friends knew her to be sad early in the day and understood that she was a woman of sad mornings. One day she was talking to her brother and said “I am a woman of sad mornings, but I want to tell you about my sadness.” Her brother looked at her with patience, so the woman began, "Brother, my oatmeal and raisins trouble me. They are difficult to partake, my stomach has pain, and my bowels stop."

Her brother replied, "You must add more water so that it is faster to partake and easier on your stomach, then put away the raisins and take jam."

The woman replied, "Water?"

Her brother said, "Yes, the water. When you cook the oats, add more water and your stomach will stay calm."

The woman looked at her brother and said quietly, "I have been a fool and suffered. I have believed in oatmeal for these many years and ate it daily with raisins, but I have never put water on it and cooked it.”

Her brother said, "Will you not eat again tomorrow? Cheer up. See in the stories of our Mothers: Oatmeal is cooked."

The woman said "Oh! I will not have to chew so very long, my stomach will be easier, and my bowels will move!" She ate hot oatmeal and jam ever after and her mornings were glad and numerous.

So look at your pain, talk about it with those you trust, and take new ideas deeply into your heart to find their truth or falsehood. Put aside your fear of what you may see. Remember that no problem is solved in silence and ignorance. No change is made unless you know what must be changed, for knowledge, especially self knowledge, will bring you true power.

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